*Please Read These Instructions Carefully Before Uploading Audio Files*

NOTE: Because we offer online mastering services to a worldwide client base, we ONLY accept 2-track (stereo) files in either .wav or .aif formats (up to 32 bit / 192 kHz resolution) and not physical CD's or tape. Because of the inferior quality, we generally do not advise .mp3’s as source files for mastering. However, exceptions may be made if an .mp3 file is the only version you have available. If you wish to send us several tracks for stem mastering, please contact us for special pricing.tc electronic lm6n


For mastering projects, export each song from your DAW as a 2-channel/track (L&R) stereo .wav or .aif file (up to 32-bit / 192 kHz resolution). Consult your DAW manual for information on how to accomplish this task. Mac users should be very careful to make sure that their files have extensions (wav or aif). Leave the tracks at whatever resolution they were mixed at. In other words, do not perform any sample rate conversion or word length reduction to the tracks. Do not apply any processing (compression, limiting, volume maximizing, EQ, enhancing) to the stereo buss.

Please zip (compress) all your songs into one folder before sending in order to reduce the size of the files and increase the speed of the transfer. If needed, instructions on how to compress a file are below.

Zip (compress) files instructions

To ‘zip’ some files on a PC, simply place all the items you want to send into one folder – say on your desktop – give it a name, then right click and choose ‘Send to compressed (zip) folder’. The zipped file will appear in the same location as your original folder. Now you can upload the file using WeTransfer or any upload service of your choice.

If you’re on a Mac it’s a pretty similar process. If the individual files are not already in one folder, create a folder and place them in it. Then right click on the file and choose ‘Create archive of “xxxxx”‘. Your compressed file will appear as a .zip file on the desktop.

Use WeTransfer or any other upload service of your choice to upload your songs to us using the email address: info AT studio302.com. Thanks!.

If you enounter any issues, email us at info AT studio302.com. Thanks!